Letters of Reference


Dear Friends in Christ:


Greetings in Jesus’ precious name.  I am writing this letter to recommend to you Brother Don Drake and his wife Patsy, missionaries to the US Military.  This is a fine couple and we are excited to have them in the Military Ministry of BIMI.  We have been highly impressed by their ministry.  They have many years of pastoral experience and I believe they will make great military missionaries.  Don is a former Marine and because of that he knows the needs and will be able to relate to those in the military now.


There is a tremendous need on the military mission field and many times the last opportunity some of these troops have to hear the Gospel before going to the battlefront is when they are contacted by one of our missionaries or come to a meeting in one of our churches on the field.  We need to get this fine couple to the mission field as soon as possible.  We would sure appreciate very much any help you could give to them.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 423-432-4898 or my email jkennardmil@gmail.com.


Yours for Service Personnel,

 James V. Kennard

II Timothy 2:2






I am writing to recommend the missionary ministry of Don and Patsy Drake.  These are Spirit-filled people with a great big heart to serve God.  I believe God has some great things in store for them in the ministry of Military Missions.


Brother Don pastored in Fayetteville, Georgia, for 12 years.  God then moved them to Wytheville, Virginia, where he has spent the past 16 years laboring with the Fellowship Baptist Church.  God greatly used the Drakes in both of these ministries.


Last year they learned that we had a great need in the Military ministries around the world.  Brother Don, being a former Marine, knew that when there was a need, someone needed to respond.  As they prayed about the matter, God laid it on their hearts to go themselves and now they have given their lives for the purpose of reaching our military personnel and their families for Christ.


We have great needs in our military ministries in different parts of the world.  The Drakes have opened themselves to the will of God as to where God would have them serve.  The US military is so transient now that our missionaries have to be flexible.  Wherever the greatest need is, when they get their support, is where they are willing to go and serve.


Please be in much prayer for the Drakes as they continue their Deputation Ministry.  We believe God will mightily use them in this great work.  I hope many will seriously consider taking on their financial support and adding them to your missionary family.  We remain…


In Christ’s Service,

 Jeff Alverson

BIMI Military Missions


Dear Brothers in Christ:

I met Bro. Don Drake thirty nine years ago when we became members of Peoples Baptist Church, pastored then by Dr. Charles E. Wright. Brother Drake had answered the call of God to preach the gospel and left shortly after we joined to attend Bible school. Three years later I answered God’s call on my life to preach and arrived to attend Bible school about the time he was leaving to start his pastoral ministry. Since then, we have preached for each other and have had sweet fellowship all these years.

When Brother Drake came to visit with the purpose of telling me what God had put on his heart, I could not have been more thrilled, and felt he could not be more capable to do the work of this special ministry to the military. I told our Pastor, Dr. Charles E. Wright, “I believe Brother Drake is perfect for this calling and will be an excellent Missionary to the Military.” He readily agreed.

We are as well, privileged to have the Drakes not only as members of, but sent out of Faith Independent Baptist Church. Our Church is solidly behind them in prayer and financial support. I want to encourage you as well to pray about taking the Drakes on for support. It would be a blessing to see them on the field as soon as possible, and in fact, they are needed on the field at this time. Rest assured, the Drakes are not only fully committed, but fully capable of ministering to our troops in far away places.

Both Churches I have pastored in these thirty years have been “military” churches. We understand the needs, challenges, and pressures placed on our men and women in uniform, and Brother Drake’s service in the Marines in Viet Nam gives him special insight for this kind of ministry. I am excited about what I believe God will do with and through the Drakes.

Pastor Lev L. Humphries
Faith Independent Baptist Church
Niceville, FL
Psalm 27